Check out our friends ūüôā

Hosen Brass Band –¬†

Hosen Brass Band is a five piece brass band specialising in playing all your favourite pop, rock and metal tunes. Imagine New Orleans meets Bavaria and you have Hosen Brass!

Alternative Entertainment –¬†

Alternative Entertainment is a music agency specialising in those acts who are different from the mainstream (such as ourselves!).¬†They’re brilliant if you want something fresh and new at your event.

Bob Payne –¬†

Bob Payne is a professional Tuba, Euphonium and Ophicleide player based in London. Some of his experience includes the Royal Shakespeare Company, Decibel Contemporary Music Group and Hosen Brass Band. He has appeared on BBC Radio, ITV and Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. He is also a proficient soloist.

Jeffer Kyle –¬†

Jeffer Kyle is a professional Trumpet player, arranger and composer based in London. Both her playing and written work has appeared on BBC Radio, ITV and Channel 4’s Hollyoaks. She is also a brilliant soloist.

People’Sounds –¬†

“People’Sounds” is a music community based in London UK. They¬†support musicians in development, by recording and sharing their creations. They have special interest in generating a positive cultural change through music.

Juan Mackenzie –¬†

Juan is a photography and videographer from London.¬†Some of our videos and photos are Juan’s work.