The next ‘Big Steak’ on the London Brass Band Scene, ‘Mow the Brass’ is a herd of the best brass players, farmed in the U.K’s best Music Colleges. Get ready to digest a mixed grill of fresh, tender arrangements and spicy, organic compositions. Whether you like your rump ‘well done’, ‘rare’ or even ‘blue’, you will appreciate our unique taste minced with influences from Jazz, Latin America and the rich green fields of New Orleans.

With a mission to bring our lively sound to as many people as possible, we are introducing our eight gorgeous spotted cows to venues across the UK and beyond. Mow The Brass will entertain you with whacky and well-seasoned versions of your favourite pop songs (not to mention our udderly unique tunes) performed on tuba, trumpet, trombone, sax and kit! We also have a menu of specials to suit the appetites of children in classrooms and for events across London and the UK.

Our talented brass performers have also grazed with the big bulls, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Superbrass and Hosen Brass. Talk to us about creating an appetising event that will fill you up to the fourth stomach, with a big paté of musical fun!

Email us via our co-moo-nicate page to plan your special menu!